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Videos / Astronomy

Top 5 Cases For Martian Life
James Williams looks at 5 reasons scientists think that it is possible for Mars to be host to life.

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Comet Hitting The Sun
A comet impacts our primary. The Coronal Mass Ejection which occurs almost right after isn't related to the impact, however, and was triggered before that.

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Neutron Star Discovered With Superfluid Core
Using the Chandra space telescope, astronomers have discovered a neutron star being cooled by a superfluid core. Some neutron stars complete a revolution in less than a millisecond.

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NASA's Methane Engine
NASA contractors Alliant Techsystems and XCOR Aerospace are developing a rocket engine powered by liquid methane. It could one day allow for the exploration of deep space, as methane can be found or made on many worlds throughout our solar system.

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New Footage Of The Final Shuttle Launch
On July 8th, 2011, Shuttle Atlantis launched on its final flight, ending NASA's space shuttle program after more than thirty years. This video was compiled with footage released to NASA staff.

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The Astronaut Training Cave
To train future crews of the ISS, the international space community has set up a cave based team-building exercise. Astronauts spend 6 days doing a scientific survey confined in a cave system.

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