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Articles / Earth Sciences

China Flood Toll Hits 360, More Rain Forecast
  • Currently 2.8391866913124/5 Stars.
Floods and landslides have killed at least 360 people across China this summer and destroyed more than 4 million hectares (15,440 sq miles) of crops, Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday.
Solar Variations Not Behind Global Warming
  • Currently 2.828729281768/5 Stars.
The sun's changing energy levels are not to blame for recent global warming and, if anything, solar variations over the past 20 years should have had a cooling effect, scientists said on Wednesday.
Australia to Build Cross-Continent Climate Corridor
  • Currently 2.8528368794326/5 Stars.
Australia will create a wildlife corridor spanning the continent to allow animals and plants to flee the effects of global warming, scientists said on Monday.
Sudanese Lament Loss of Homes as Flood Waters Rise
  • Currently 2.8237476808905/5 Stars.
Asad Ali Fadla was sitting down to dinner with his family when a wall of water swept down his street and smashed into his compound in Sennar town on the banks of the Blue Nile in southeastern Sudan.
Rainstorms Kill 88 Across China in Past Week
  • Currently 2.6863711001642/5 Stars.
Floods, landslides and other disasters triggered by torrential rain ravaged six Chinese provinces, killing 88 people and leaving 23 missing in the past week, the government said on Saturday.
Scientists Find Clues To Ice Cap Longevity
  • Currently 2.7290909090909/5 Stars.
Scientists using DNA extracted from ice buried deep below the surface have found evidence that a lush forest once existed in southern Greenland, a finding that sheds light on how climate change affects Earth's frozen areas.
Filthy Flood Waters Spark Disease Worries In India
  • Currently 2.8730158730159/5 Stars.
Health officials in India's flood-hit city of Kolkata said on Thursday they were worried about the outbreak of disease, as residents drank and swam in filthy, neck-deep water.
Scientists Solve Puzzle of Chile's Missing Lake
  • Currently 2.7986577181208/5 Stars.
Scientists said that a lake in southern Chile that mysteriously disappeared last month developed a crack which allowed the water to drain away.
Erosion Slicing Arctic Alaska Habitat
  • Currently 2.8629893238434/5 Stars.
A swath of marshy, wildlife-rich coastal land in Arctic Alaska being eyed for oil drilling is eroding rapidly probably because of the disappearance of sea ice that used to protect it from the ocean waves, according to a study released on Monday.
Californians Urged To Cut Water After Driest Year
  • Currently 2.875/5 Stars.
Southern Californians, fond of their private pools, golf courses, garden sprinklers and the ubiquitous car wash, are being urged to reform their water-guzzling ways after the region's driest year on record.